Mariachi Sing Along for Female Voice

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The soul of Mexico manifests itself in its songs. Songs that reflect the spirit and sentiment of its people. Their joys and their griefs, the essence of each unique region of this vast land.

Difficulty level : Medium to advanced.

Mariachi Sing Along for Female Voice includes twelve songs with lyrics, chords and music notation. Mariachi singers need a strong, clear voice, good time keeping abilities and precise intonation.

All twelve songs are played in two versions :

Full version : Includes the complete mariachi band and lead singer. Listening to the lead singer will help you recognize the tune, give you an impression of the nature of the arrangement and if Spanish is not your first language, it will help you with the correct pronunciation of words and their accents.

Accompaniment only : Sing along version with the mariachi band playing without the lead voice.

Track Listings:

La Cancion Mexicana

Albur de Amor

Los Laureles

La Calandria

La Cigarra

Tu Camino y el Mío

Mi Ciudad

La Pajarera

Maldición Ranchera

Mi Ranchito

Ruega por Nosotros

Aires del Mayab

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Mariachi Sing Along for Female Voice

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